We're creating Canada's most livable town

Mayor Rob Burton says it's important to always remember to keep thinking about tomorrow

Why Rob's running for re-election

To keep Oakville on the right path for you and your family

You have too much at stake to change leadership now.

We are eight years into Rob's successful plan that has delivered great results for you and your family:

  • We are controlling growth. The rate of growth before Rob became mayor was 50% higher. When growth is out of control it causes tax increases. That's because since 1998 growth fees are not able to capture all the costs of new infrastructure. With Rob controlling growth, we have had taxes rising 20% less than inflation for the last four years.
  • We are OMB winners now. To control growth we have to be strong at the OMB. Rob has turned Oakville into a winner at the OMB.
    We've won 67% of our cases at the OMB in the 8 years since Rob became mayor — the previous mayor lost 75% of our cases at the OMB in the 8 years before Rob was mayor.
  • We are catching up on long overdue facilities. Many are complete and active. We have plans to complete the rest of what we've been missing.
  • Your mobility is improving, thanks to big investments in transit and roads. The QEW is wider. The GO trains run twice as often.
    We have more buses and more bus routes. We have major roads and bridges planned and funded to keep improving your ability to get around.
  • We are saving green space totalling 124,000 square kilometers so far. We have saved 80% of the Merton Lands as green space, too. We have a plan to save the rest as well.
  • We are increasing our tree canopy every year with tree-planting and tree protections that are state-of-the-art.
    We will reach our goal of 40% tree canopy by our town's 200th anniversary in 2057.
  • We are keeping the Town mowed, planted and plowed better than it has ever been in its history.
  • We are controlling property taxes - the average increase for the last four years has been 21% lower than inflation.
    The average tax increase was 57% higher than inflation in the four years before Rob became mayor. We are making huge progress.
  • Our tax rates are lower than our neighbouring cities of Burlington and Mississauga. Our tax rates were higher than in Mississauga when Rob became our mayor.
  • We are making growth charges capture all the costs of growth the law allows.
    Oakville growth fees were far below what's permitted before Rob became mayor. Now Oakville leads in making growth pay its way. This keeps tax increases down.
  • We are cutting debt paid for by taxpayers by more than half so far. We now only use debt when we have other sources of revenues instead of taxpayers.
  • We are creating new revenues from green energy and other projects that will be able to carry the cost of our donation of up to $130 million to our new hospital when it is completed. We'll keep reducing pressure on taxes by continuing to create more non-tax revenues for your town.
Rob has a vision and a plan for a better future for Oakville and it's working.

Rob endorses Council

"This is the best Council Oakville has ever had. We are delivering the results you want. We now have a cleaner, greener, safer community. We have great services provided by great staff. We enjoy great facilities for our active lifestyles. We are controlling growth, debt and taxes. This Council works constructively together with mutual respect. Oakville would be well served by re-electing all of the members on October 27th."

Mayor Rob Burton